Podcast App


I know there are already quite a few podcast apps out there. I wanted to design my own that would look good and be super simple to use. Most podcast apps try to incorporate all sorts of bells and whistles that, in the end, make the app less useful and more complicated. Some apps try to go the 'radio' route and they create all sorts of different types of playlists and channels etc. I just want to subscribe to podcast shows, and play them.

It's far from finished, but this is the direction I'm heading.

Here's a list of features you can expect:

  • Select online or offline mode to save your precious mobile data
  • Auto download while you sleep and always have new episodes to listen to while you're driving or working
  • Pick up where you left off, whether you're using our browser or mobile app version
  • Explore and discover popular shows you've never heard
  • Create auto (or manual) playlists, sit back and enjoy
  • Share your favorite shows or episodes with your friends
  • Create a favorites list so you can go back and listen to all the greatest hits
  • Cross browser and cross platform compatibility
  • Easily create a new account with your Google, Facebook, Twitter login
  • Automatic profile page created depending on how you decide to log in
  • Become a Podcast DJ by creating public playlists that others can subscribe to

If anybody is interested in creating this app with me, please contact me anytime.

Life is really simple, but we instist on making it complicated.


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