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Quote from the About Us page: "Ottawa Tonite is the brainchild of Cheryl Gain, an Ottawa gal who is passionate about all things arts and culture. Cheryl realized there was a significant lack of arts and culture info about her beloved city and struck out to do something about it." That's where I come in. is a platform where local contributors can have a voice. People write about events, musicians, performers, venues and so much more. It's a place where people can voice their opinions and promote their favourite local artist.

This is a volunteer project of mine. Essentially what I did here was find a beautiful theme on Theme Forest that I knew we could expand upon. Maybe a list would better explain my role in this project:

  • Find a suitable theme for all of our current and future needs
  • Find, install and customize a number of plugins
  • Create branding and color palette
  • Format images to make them fit within the theme
  • Train users on how to use WordPress, this theme and additional plugins

Future plans include:

It's an ongoing project of mine that I keep revisiting. There's always something I can fix, tweak, make look better, promote etc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Rob Dupuis as a designer and developer for my arts blog Ottawa Tonite. I have known Rob personally since 2009, and he has always been enthusiastic, easy going and a creative team player who offers great solutions and new perspective and current ideas when involved in anything. I believe that Rob’s skills and experience would make him a fantastic member of any creative team and an excellent candidate for consideration by any employer.

Cheryl Gain

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